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The Tails of Annie (Anfield) the Cockerpoo

Annies latest adventures


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I like watching doggys on TV and get really excited when I see them,

My favourite programmes are:

Send in the Dogs,

The Dog Whisperer

Vets in Action.


I have really curly black hair and I have to have a haircut quite a lot, my mum takes me to some really good dog groomers called dogmetics, and I always feel better when I have been!




My friend Billy came to play with me this weekend and we had lots of fun in the garden. He is only little as well but he is walking round now and can chase me- FUN!!


I am going to Delamere forest this week- I can't wait!! Woof Woof Woof!

Things I love: CHEWING!!! Shredding Toilet Rolls, Going on walks, I like playing with my ball as well (sometimes)! I love my best friends Milly, Deefer and Buster. I rrrrreally like FOOD! Hide bones and Bakers Rewards are the best. I also really like cuddling my mum! and having my belly tickled. I like playing tug with my dad! I like cuddly toys and tug ropes as well.

Things I hate: I don't like strange dogs running at me on my walks I get a bit scared I am not keen on having a bath! I don'tlike the window cleaner!

My favourite walks: I like Viridor wood which is in Platt Bridge Wigan near where I live because its got lots of long grass that I can run and jump in. I like the walk near my house as well as I know where I am going really well. I have been to the three sisters and all along the canal. I love going to see Deefer and Buster and going for walks to Carr Mill Dam and Sankey Valley with them. I also go for lots of walks with Milly when I stay with her when my mum and dad go on holiday!

Other pets who share my home: Its just me I have a house all to myself!

My favourite saying: I want to go for a walk please mum! and I sing it in a really good tune!

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 06/06/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Dawnyj
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