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I am 2 years old and love everybody and everything. I have passed all my training and won lot's of badges and certificates. Sometime this year I am going to have puppies when I find the right mate, but not until we have been on holiday . I am going with my friend Molly and mum and dad to Cornwall it will be my first visit their. I went to Wales last year but it rained all the time , not that it bothered me but mum and dad were not too happy. 

Have just got back from holiday it was lovely. I really enjoyed the sea it was so clean and warm. I caught a crab and much to my mum's annoyance I killed it and ate it, but the crab got it's own back on me as I wasn't very well the next day. Still I did enjoy the walks and swimming in the sea.

We have been on the beach near home today the tide was out though so I couldn't go for a swim.I still had a good time running after my ball.

Mum's Grandchildren came yesterday I love chasing around in the garden with them we get up to all sorts of mischief.Mum doesn't mind as long as I don't get too rough with the baby she tends to fall over a lot so I have to be carefull with her, luke is fun though he throws my ball for me and we go hide under the tree in the garden.I am a bit tired today though as I wasn't very well last night.

We have moved away from the seaside now and live in the country it's great I run around all day in the fields it's very tireing.Molly prefers the seaside. 


Would like to meet lot's of like minded doggies and their owners


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Things I love: Life, flushing birds ,running free , food any sort , the sea and most of all my mum.

Things I hate: nothing

My favourite walks: I love all walks

Other pets who share my home: Molly

My favourite saying: Walkies

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Type: Working Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 15/05/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Lydiann
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