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I am 5yrs old and have had one litter of puppies . I enjoyed looking after my 5 kids for a while but then I must admit they did start to annoy me, hanging onto my ears and chasing me around the garden not to mention eating my food. Now I spend time with my friend Milly we just like to hang out together chasing the wildlife on our park or running around on the beach. I have a little friend who we meet on our local park he is called Buster and is a tiny yorkshire terrier we love sniffing around together.

We went on the beach near home today it was rather hot for me so was rather pleased when we got back home.We also went into the park which is much better as it is cooler.Milly likes the park as she chases the birds and squirrels, silly dog.

We had my mum's grandchildren here yesterday.They are funny Luke keeps sitting in my bed. I don't mind as I curl up next to him he is warm and soft and tickles me behind my ears I like that.


We are going on holiday soon to my favorite place, Cornwall , I love it their we spend all day running around on the beach or going for really long walks. The people are so friendly their and the air is so clear. Have just got back from holiday in Cornwall. It was great . We went on lots of walk's and swimming in the sea. Mum and Dad found a lovely restaraunt where we could sit with them while they ate and the house we stayed in was just right for us.

We have moved now so we don't live near the seaside anymore.I am rather upset about that. We live in the countryside now so we have to walk down muddy lanes and run in fields.Milly loves it but i would rather have the seaside.


Molly's Friends

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Things I love: cheese and apples. Sausages and chicken or just food in general.Going on the beach hunting for cockles and sleeping

Things I hate: having my hair cut and baths

My favourite walks: on the beach or in the wood

Other pets who share my home: Milly my friend

My favourite saying: whats for tea

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 04/08/2004
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Lydiann
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