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Now ..... here's beauty for you!! (and so modest!)


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I am typing this up, not my mum, so if I make any mistooks ...... sorry!!  I don't understand what she means about "spell-chek"! Tutt!!  What does she think I am?


It took mum and my doctor nearly 12 months and a lot of mum's pocket money but eventually I was diagnosed with what is called food intolerances, things with wheat and gluten especially, but egg, dairy, beef and pork don't suit me either - even chicken if it has been cereal fed!!  Eughk!!  Now I get fed James Wellbeloved products and I'm G-r-r-reat!! 

(March - 2012 .... Now changed to Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Low Fat because of my pancreatitis!) Even more expensive but it is yummy!!  Mum says it looks like ****!!)


When I first came to my new home I was 10 months old and VERY VERY frightened!!


I had been poorly treated and fastened in a cage, left under the stairs because I kept being sick every day.  This first photograph 

was taken after I'd been cleaned up a bit and taken to my new home, but I was still a bit  "phwooy" and mum's nose wrinkled a lot. I also had a few unwelcome visitors in my hair, but my new mum still stroked and hugged me!  I was very frightened because I didn't know her very well, and didn't know what was going to happen!! 


The next photograph where I'm sitting on an armchair was after I'd been washed, groomed and trimmed up.


I look a different little girl - but I'm not - I promise!!


Everything seemed very strange in this new home - and strange things were happening to me!  I was just not used to being warm, having my very own warm, snuggly bed and being so comfortable after being in a cage.  I was given lots of toys to play with - which Mum had to show me what to do with - cos I didn't know!!  We did have some fun when I found out how to play!! 


During this first year and indeed until I found this website my mum and me have had wonderful times together.  I had my 'jections, and an opewation which made my tummy VERY sore, but mum said it was better for me so ..... that's OK, I trust her!!  She took this photograph after I came home from doggy hospikal! I didn't feel very well at all!! 

I have been for long journeys in the car to a place called Wakefield in Yorkshire where my Aunty and Uncle live. (My Uncle Edward went to Heaven last August and I did miss him when we visited earlier this year.

Mum and me love Uncle Edward!


I also love the seaside, but the sea can be a bit scary to little feet!!


but mum says it's nothing to be scared of when she's with me - nothing will be allowed, or DARE to hurt me ever again!!


An Uncle and Aunty from The Wirral come to visit, and we've been there too!! 


I was very tired after running on the beach and enjoyed being given a cuddly by my aunty!!



I'm having a great life now, and I love my new family so very much!  Mum says my tail is a blurr when I see them and I get so excited!!  Mum says I must "calm down", but I can't - I just love my new family and friends! My tail is out of control and mum says I cause a draffft with it!!




Because mum has a bad back and can't carry me very far now without being in pain, (even though I'm only 'just' 3kg), for where I can't walk, where there are too many people in a shopping area or places like that where I can get scared, she has bought me a 'doggy buggy'! 


(April 2012 ..... I also have a much smaller baby's pushchair now - easier to fold up and carry in the car mum says.


Good idea!! 

This one in the photographs my Aunty Mary and Uncle Edward called it my Red Ferarri!!


I have lots of "fans" now - and I am going to tell them about this website. They can have a look round and meet more "wet noses"!! 


I like to play with my cousin Whisky -


here we are on his lawn during the summer.


I'm off for my tea now so see you later!!  Bye-bye!!   


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Things I love: Walkies! Playing with my friends Charlie, Bonnie, (2 Staffs) and Mazy and Dinky (2 chihauhas)! Playing ball! Playing at home and in the garden - especially the water fountain!! Playing with my cousin Whisky. Being cuddled. Having my belly, ears, neck and on top of my nose tickled! Ooo! N-i-c-e!!

Things I hate: Food with wheat or gluten in it - makes me very, very, VERY sick!! Not too keen on being bathed or groomed, but my groomer is VERY kind and understands me now!! Have pancreatitis now - and its a bummer!! >:'-(

My favourite walks: In the woods near where I live. When we visit a beach - I LURVE it!!!!! In fact, I love anywhere I am taken and I can meet new friends, two or four legged!! Mum has stopped using her mobility scooter, cos she can walk better now. But I do have a pushchair for when I can't walk and have to be carried. Mum still can't carry me because of her poorly back.

Other pets who share my home: Things have changed in my household ..... I now have a little brother, who instead of hair has FEATHERS (whatever they are) and he is called "CORKEY" (stupid name!!) Mum says she is going to put some photographs she's taken of him! Huh!! Me? Jealous? Of a BIRD! You must be kidding! Grrrrr!!!

My favourite saying: "Are you coming in the car with me?" "OK - walkie time!" "Where's (name of toy)?" (and I go and fetch it and play for ages).

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 25/04/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Sandra
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