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I was born on a farm in Ireland and then transported to a special place in Staffordshire where border collies can audition potential human families to see if they might be good enough to look after a collie. I was very fussy and was the last puppy in my litter to choose my new home.


Anyway, I'm now 5 years old and I own my own website which is all about dog walks and nice places to go.  Corporate life can be tough, and sometimes it's hard to get the people to drive me to new places so that I can explore.


My usual walk is in parts of Sherwood Forest, and occasionally I'm allowed a dog sausage. I also insist on being taken to the Peak District, a lot.  It smells marvellous there, and I can sometimes sneak in a fox poo roll without Lezli spotting me.



This is me in Dovedale - I love swimming in the river and today was a great day. We started in Beresford Dale and walked by the river all day down to the end of Dove Dale. I found some excellent sticks to retrieve, and didn't lose any to labrador stick bandits.


I'd been in the water a lot and this is me wearing my apres swim wear, a baggy but chic Hurtta dog suit. I adore wearing this!



My favourite toy is a soft, furry grouse and it makes a low honking sound when I squeeze its tummy. I like to nudge it off the top of the stairs and then chase it down to the bottom. I've also trained the people to play this game, and it's amazing how quickly they learn how to throw quite accurately.

My fave water toy is a red and yellow ball that floats, and has a handy grabby bit for me to bite on. this ball in the photo is several years old, and has been lost at sea several times - but after a lot of barking the waves have brought it back for me. Once or twice I've had to send in the humans,

even though they don't seem to like seawater very much.




Maybe it's because they are somewhere odd on the evolutionary scale, and haven't learned to shake themselves. This is me demonstrating how to do a good shake



It's autumn now, time for some muddy fun.  I love my cold weather walks because I can really get going and fly over the lumps and bumps in the Peak District. There are sometimes sheep in the fields, I like them and I even have two sheepy friends called Barnsley and Mint. We've been friends since I was very little.

Cows aren't as friendly, and I saw lots of them today. One was a big, brown bull.

   This is me at the start of the walk, my legs are a bit grubby - but look how fabulous my tail is!!


Happy New Year to all my WNS friends


I started the year off with a splash when I went swimming in the snow. Lezli got all worried about me turning into a icicle, which was silly because I she knows that I ALWAYS swim in the river here. Anyway, we weren't far from the car and my after-swim suit and towels were all there. I was glad I'd been wrapped up in the towels and things because the car was sliding around strangely on the way home.


This is me at the start of the walk, focusing on where my sticks have gone.


Finally - it's Spring!  I know this because I now wake the humans up in daylight and don't have dark walks any more. It's also time to change my coat.  I've been leafing through the pages of Dogue and really fancy a smooth wardobe this year. Maybe something like a Viszla outfit. The old coat is looking so tired now, especially as bits of it get left on the carpet and I'm getting brushed rather too much. I like the attention, but don't enjoy the way David seems to spend far too much time around my tail. He even cut some matted bits off with the scissors ... the indignity!!


We've started to exploring already, and I made them take me to Newcastle. I'd already made plans to meet up with some Facebook friends for a Woof Walk for charity in Desmond Jene park. Lezli wasn't hugely helpful though, and didn't want to walk very far. Despite that, I had a good day with David on the beaches up there and had a great time trying to catch the snow before the sea ate it.


I have some small concerns about the summer. They've bought another tent. It's bigger than the last one, but I'm sure I made it clear that I like my comforts when we're away.  We'll see how it goes, but if I don't get my own basket there's going to be trouble...


Happy Easter everyone, always good to get chicky din-dins...


And the holiday started well with some long walks in the Peak district. First of all I've been demonstrating different stile climbing techniques - Lezli says some dogs can't get over them (not collies of course!).  This is me sitting elegantly in a Squeezer stile.


But then it got a bit boring so I had a snooze at the top of this one.


Everything was great - until we got back to the car. I'd had a swim and snuggled down on the back seat with the Sunday paper and then there was a strange clurking noise and something tapping on the car door. Stood on the grass, as shameless as you like was this gaudy over-dressed bird. With ears?!   It couldn't even speak English, but still managed to get my gullible humans to part with their crusts.










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Things I love: Car journeys, my frizbee, tennis balls, my beach ball, long walks, swimming, my basket, more long walks, jumping over dry stone walls, did I say tennis balls?

Things I hate: Rugby on TV, short walks, late nights.

My favourite walks: Along the rivers in the Peak District, Sherwood Forest in the winter, lots of places for my website

Other pets who share my home: 'share'? what does that mean?

My favourite saying: 'Get your lead'

Breed: Border Collie
Type: Working Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 06/09/2004
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Lezli
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