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Bin Raider Extraordinaire

"I've not grown into my head yet!"


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I'm approximately 6 years old, but no one's really sure because I came from a rescue centre.  I spent 6 months in there and because of that I have a few 'issues'!  One is claustrophobia.  But as long as the downstairs door is left open and I have the run of the stairs I don't howl.  My owners also leave the radio on for me.  Radio 4 is very soothing and stops me digging up the carpet.


I'm not scared of loud noises like thunder or fireworks, but if my owner steps on a crisp packet while we're out walking I do get scared.  I'm also really nervous around other dogs.  I want to play, but bigger dogs scare the daylights out of me.


Officially I'm Beagle crossed with Basset Hound but my owners are sure there are a few more breeds in there somewhere; a true Heinz 57.  But wherever I go I'm told I'm beautiful - and I believe it!


The second photo is of me duck watching.  There's a river at the bottom of my garden and I spend hours down there, shaking with excitement, watching the ducks. 


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Things I love: Beds, ducks, swimming, food (either given to me or stolen from tables, worktops or bins), going to grandad's house.

Things I hate: Any kind of cleaning implement. Especially the hoover, but also silent things like mops and dusters.

My favourite walks: Local reclaimed coal mine. Because my owner can let me off the lead. Yippee! Near home it's too dangerous to do that because I'm a little bit stupid and don't understand the danger of railway lines or rivers.

Other pets who share my home: Just me and the two humans who serve me.

My favourite saying: FEED ME!

Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Jools
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