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I am a fun loving 1 year old, with a lot of energy.  I adore people and other dogs, and love to romp in the park.  I'm told I can be stubborn and like to get my own way (which I usually do).  I have a very loving home, and like nothing more than being with my two humans.





Couldn't go for a run in the park yesterday as it was raining very hard, but I did get to wear my new raincoat which was very comfortable and did keep most of me dry - not sure about the colour though.


But today, I had a fantastic time in the park.  I met a lot of my friends, including Noodle who I haven't seen for a long time.  We played tag, and leap dog.  I made a new friend who hasn't been too well and has a plastic collar on so that he can't hurt himself.  My owner thought she was being clever by bringing one of my favourite balls that makes a noise, so I would run up to her and then just as she was going to grab my collar and put my lead on I would run away - great fun!  She finally managed to catch me, but only because I was tired, went home and had a big breakfast.  Time for a sleep now.

Things I love: Mud, flowers, leaves, sausages, cuddles, digging, walks, dogs, people, my toys, ball games, exploring, The Dog Wisperer on TV, sitting between my two owners,

Things I hate: Baths, dog food, heat, being restrained, doing as I'm told,

My favourite walks: in the countryside, in the park, exploring new places,

Breed: West Highland
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 02/09/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Besoted
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