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Belgian Shepherd x Border Collie


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Things I love: Going for long walks on the South Downs or on the beach, showing off my tricks, going on trips on the bus or train, visiting my mum's mum in Somerset where there's loads of lovely cow poo to roll in!

Things I hate: The postman, next-door's cat, shouty people, male teenagers, cyclists on the pavement! And people who think I am a GSD or Alsatian....! "Are you sure he hasn't got a little bit of Alsatian in him?" Nope, not one single drop!

My favourite walks: Emsworth, Hayling Island cos we go on a boat to get there, anywhere in Somerset, anywhere I can have a swim.

Other pets who share my home: Cuba my little white pussycat friend, who has 6 kittens at the moment, 2 of them might stay!

My favourite saying: Woof! And a lot of human words - I know so many my Mum has to speak to other people in French sometimes!

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 08/03/2006
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: MerlinsMum
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