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Basil and Poppy

Great Dane


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I am about 10 years old, we think. But I can't count and I don't do human years.


I like my big garden and having a dog flap means I can play outside anytime I like.

I am a gentleman - that is my nickname at the training class - The Gentleman.

My daddy says I am turning into a sloth and he has cut down my dinner as I am 2 kilos overweight. I get walked for 1-2 hours each day and I get only half what my wee sister gets to eat. I eat Royal Canin Great Dane food, oily fish once a week and yogurt. Mum says  I get evening primrose oil to keep my coat glossy and ease my old bones.

My Auntie Lynn gives me treats when we go for a walk. I like Auntie Lynn.


Just now mum gives Poppy and me camomile and valerian as we get upset by fireworks.


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Things I love: I love my sofa. I love my wee sister, Poppy. I love walks in the Glen. Running frre on the beach. People who tell me I am beautiful or a good boy. Swimming. Barking at the window cleaner. I LOVE cheese. I am a Therapet.

Things I hate: Fireworks, white vans, men in white shell suits ( although mum says I am getting better at ignoring them) Poppy chewing lumps off my ear and making it bleed. Having to wear a head bandage and that stupid lampshade thingy, because Poppy chewed a bit off my ear.

My favourite walks: Down the Glen, round the village and up Wilderness Brae. The beach from Carnoustie to Monifieth. Or the FIfe Coastal walk. Linlithgow palace...

Other pets who share my home: I share my sofa with Poppy, 2 year old Black rescue Great Dane. She came from Auntie Jean at Scottish Great Dane Rescue. The goldfish in the pond in the garden. I am not allowed to swim with them. Poppy did so daddy built a new gste to stop us. It's not fair cos the pond is big enough for us to swim in...

My favourite saying: Hugs?? Slobbery hugs???

Breed: Great Dane
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Basil McAllister
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