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Poppy and Basil

Great Danes


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I was very, very thin and couldn't walk very well when I went to Auntie Jean at Scottish Great Dane Rescue. She looked after me for a little while with my favourite vet, Geoff Appleton. He operated on me and made my eyes better. am not totally in control of my very long legs at high speed. I do like to run very fast. I can outrun Auntie Lynn's Collie and my Lurcher friends down the park. They get tired much faster than I do. Mum says I have to be careful so I don't hurt my legs. I am not allowed to climb steep hills.

I went on the Waggy Walk in Glasgow to raise £65 for Dogs Trust. There were about 200 dogs there. I liked them all - even the Collie who tried to bite me.

I have a very long tail - it is much longer than normal. I have hurt it a few times and my mum put pipe lagging on it. I do NOT like it - I ate it.

My nickname at training class is Miss Whiplash - because I am so happy that my tail hurts people when I wag it so hard.

I am a VERY friendly girl. Sometimes people are scared when they see a big black girl running towards them but my mum is teaching me manners.



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Things I love: I love Daddy, the beach, running, jumping, chasing rabbits or pigeons; swimming; chicken wings; rice pudding made with goats milk; watching out the window in the car, playing in the garden, tummy rubs, ear scratched; Auntie Janis's liver cake. Leaping fences. People, especially very small people who give me treats. I love sleeping on my sofa cuddling into my big brother Basil. Chewing Basil's ears.

Things I hate: Having to come home from the beach. The cat who comes over the fence and sits in my back garden. It messes in the middle of my weave poles! Daddy going to work.

My favourite walks: The Glen, the beach at Carnoustie where I can run free; Linlithgow Palace; Loch Leven; Loch Oil; Lunan Bay beach;

Other pets who share my home: Basil, my big brother is also a rescue black Great Dane he is twice as wide as me but very cuddly. We have goldfish in the pond at the bottom of the garden but daddy has built a gate across as he says I scare the fish when I run and jump in for a swim. I don't share with Hamlet, the neighbour's cat - but he thinks I do.

My favourite saying: Where's my lead? Let's go walkies!

Breed: Great Dane
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 22/08/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Poppy McAllister
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