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My name is Zen and I live in Torpoint, Cornwall.

Looking for friends in my area to socialise with and other friends nationwide to be pen-dogs with.


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Look at the size of the basket and she says there isn't enough room for anyone else! Well don't tell her but my new owner, I think he is called Jim as he responds to that sound, anyway he bought it for me when I get older, I won't be selfish though and I'll let Pi sleep with me (she can keep my feet warm!).



Well went to the vets yesterday, she is a really lovely lady and very kind. Though she did stick sharp metal things into and then told me it was good for me! Better than last week when some bloke stuck something where the sun dont  shine and told me it was for my own good, what was that all about I ask you.

I have to go back to the vet lady in two weeks for her to stick more things in me, more injections I think she said but apparently that means I can be grown up and go out with JIm to more places and meet lots more doggy friends.

Oohh I have a chip on my shoulder, ROBO-DOG at your service heheheheheheee.


Yippee I just found out I am going to puppy training classes in January, I was going to go sooner but hey, it's nearly Christmas, time for a cool dude pup like me to kick back and chill out with my buddies. Mmmm wonder what I'll get in my stocking? Hope I can use one of of Jims, he has much bigger feet.


I have added a picture of my daddy, he lives far far away in Germany with my Granpa, my mum lives in Devon and I want to go visit her one day soon.


Went for a long walk last night with Jim, well it seemed long to me! Almost a half an hour away from my chewy toys and warm basket.... Actually it was quite good fun and I moaned for most of the walk, well I didn't want him to think I was enjoying it too much, I wanted to get back to watch telly, that comedy series "It's me or the dog!" is so funny. Wasn't it windy last night, it kept me awake most of the night, hope it settles down so I can get a good nights sleep tonight, I dont want to wake up looking a right old dog tomorrow! lol


I went and played in that , Oh what's it called again? "SNOW" yep thats what they called it... weird stuff isn't it? It felt really soft and was great to roll in but isn't it cold! Still I did have fun!



Zen's Friends

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Things I love: Eating and stealing everyones toys

Things I hate: Cold Wet Grass and very early morning toilet walks.

My favourite walks: at the moment is from my bed to my food bowl and chasing the cat around the front room!

Other pets who share my home: Pi-May a delightful Terrier/Chihuahua cross and this really wierd looking mad as a bucket of frogs Devon Rex Cat called Jester

My favourite saying: Woof

Breed: German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 13/09/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: JimE
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