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Well Hi there, I'm Patty and I live in North Essex with my sister Selma and Colin the cat.  The most important people in my live are my human parents who keep me supplied with lovely food and take me out for nice long walks.


I go into the 'Patty Zone' sometimes (as my humum calls it) when I bark at something and don't stop until someone yells at me.  Well it's my only pleasure in life, one of many being the best.  My parents have a good trick to stop me barking now, they blow a whistle and I come running in 'cos whistle means biscuit....I learn't that one quickly.  Only thing is, they think I bark on purpose if, I'm an angel really!!!


Patty's Friends

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Things I love: Food, balls, food, playing, food

Things I hate: Not having food. Being in the car.

Other pets who share my home: My sister Selma and Colin the cat

My favourite saying: Grrrrrrr

Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 22/10/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: MichaelaT
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