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The life of Barney

and all the trouble i cause


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Mum and Dad found me in April 2009 at a rescue shelter for Great Danes in scotland.


I had a bit of a rough start in life and my first owner just left me outside with his other dog. After a year and a half of living outside Auntie Jean from the Scottish Great Dane Rescue came to save my brother and i got to go along as well woohoo!. I might of been a little smaller than the others but fitted in with all the big Danes really well. Auntie Jean told my mum i almost died at the rescue when another Dane almost ate my whole head but i survived coz i'm a wee firecracker!


It was love at first sight when my new mum and dad met me - i personally thought they were a bit strange. I done a few wee to show them i was nervous but mum diden't even mind she just quickly cleaned it up and didn't even shout at me. I know then that things were about to change for me. Since then i have been finding my feet with them and it all seems to be going well. Even mastered how to wrap them round my little paw!


Barney's Friends

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Things I love: I like going for long walks in the woods where i can chase all the wee furry animals. I love getting kisses and cuddles and being the center of mum and dads attention more than anything else in the world.... well maybe liver is better than mum and dad but don't tell them.

Things I hate: I really hate going for my morning walk in the rain, mum makes me get dried and it takes sooooo long and the sofa is out of bounds! Oh and that silly Postman i bark and scare him off!

My favourite walks: Anywhere really but I love walking in Devilla Forest or our local farmers fields where i practice recall with mum and dad.

Other pets who share my home: It's all mine - might get a doggy sister soon tho (Pleeeeese daddy)

My favourite saying: Get an inch take 10 miles!

Breed: Lakeland Terrier
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 22/09/2006
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Lakeland_Lass
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