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In the snow with my new jacket on.

  What's in there?


 Me Hiding under the bush.




Having a lovely drink of tea







I arrived at my new house on Sunday the  22nd  and boy was I nervous the front door opened and I couldn't find my furry mum or brothers, I looked everywhere for them but they were not there, I had a crate which had my bed and a bowl of water and some strange furry toys, but nothing seemd familiar.  So I went to bed and dreamed of playing in that big kitchen with all the other Schnauzers.

As time went by it wasn't so bad new Mum and Dad played with me and I got my meals on time and I felt good.  I had to pee on some paper but eventually I got the hang of it and now I tap the door to go out and I stain on the cold white stuff in the garden with my yellow pee.


They had a funny sparkling tree int the front room I didn't understand it at all, and lots of strangers kept coming in and going, but I slept through it a lot. For 2 to 3 weeks there was a lot of white stuff in the garden which I loved but boy was it cold.  I tried eating some, then when I was freezing cold Mum came out with a big towel and dried me off, but I kept wanting to go out for more, which I did, so she bought a little whistle and I would come running down the garden to see what she wanted.



I have been doing lots of  new things, like puppy classes, which was a waste of time.  I have travelled on the train, I am a brave boy.  Met Charlie my friend he is a big boy.  We played together but I think I got on his nerves as he keptgrowling at me. 


I even went with Mum and Dad in the shopping trolley at the local B & Q.






Every day is a new beginning and so very exciting I love the garden. 



Dad found a tunnel for me to play in Charlie and I had so much fun.
























This was a very busy day for me:-


Woke at 7 a.m. then an extra hour in the big Snoozer pit, up at 8-30, had me breakie, and then out to do a bit of gardening, very cold, so I have my jacket on, bit of pruning hear and there, I am manuring the garden nicely, good for the soil, cleared up a few old snails homes, brought them into Mum just in case she needed them for anything. Indoors with my muddy paws, then had a play with Dad, I have a squeaky bottle, its great when they are trying to hear something on the telly, I just run up and down squeaking like mad. This afternoon I did a bit of Laundry, I cannot see why clothes should hang on this strange metal thing all day, when really they should be dragged into one place, that plumb tired me out it was real hard work.
Later on I decided to do a bit of arty crafy work, a couple of pencils were chewed at the end to give them a better point. A roll of address labels were unrolled as I couldn't find the one I wanted. In the afternoon I went into the dining room and did a bit of flower arranging, well how was I to know the whole lot would fall off the small table and water and flowers everywhere, in the other corner a large plant stands, I sort of churned it up a bit and I really don't know why they shout at me, I am only trying to help.
Tried making my own bed again, but the blanket keeps getting stuck half way out.
I'm slinking off to bed now, I'm so worn out, I never knew it would be such hard work, liiving in this house, I'm thinking seriously of leaving here and going back to the other house, there you played all day, and no-one shouted at you. P.S. I have now learnt to sit when they tell me, aren't I a good boy.

Charlie came to see me on  Friday last, we got on a lot better, but he kept pinching my bone.

I got a new duck toy, which I love.

On Wednesday Mum and Dad took me back to my furry family, and boy did I have a ball.











Playing with my brother.






Having a great laugh to

gether, life is good.












When I was tiny I travelled in the back of the car with Mummy but now I am a bigger boy Dad bought ne a Clix which clicks into the back seat and I can travel on my own in the back and I can watch what that pair are up to.


This is the bit at the end that clips into the seat belt to keep me safe.


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Things I love: When my name is called, and when they say "good boy", and me dinner.

Things I hate: Loud noises, and being shouted at for being a naughty boy.

My favourite walks: Cannot say yet, as I haven't been out much walking, but I'm sure I will find somewhere that is my favourite.

Other pets who share my home: Charlie sometimes does.

My favourite saying: Where's my food?

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/10/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: FD
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