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Well we are both new to the site and all this technology....Here goes...


Beth joined us in September and is now a full member of the family.

After owning a Basset some years ago, she is so easy to live with.

It was my lucky day when we saw her advertised in the local newspaper looking for a new home.

Since then I have had as much to learn as she has,but it has all been well worth it. I got some great help from a local guy who helped me with a couple of things ....thanks Steve....


Hope this all works and look again soon for Beth's update 

February 2010

Well the boss says that he's had enough of this weather and it's time to get a holiday sorted.

No sooner said than done and its booked...1 week on a farm in Dorset....Cant wait..

Near to beaches and walks...what could be better...hope its dry in March.

I also heard plans being made for me to visit the pooch parlour for a trim and a wash..

sounds good...I bet he puts a new photo on my page ...have a look on friday...

Hi to Patch and Millie and Bow and Suzie and Beryl and Zeus

I mentioned the visit for my new hairdo was coming up....and it was fantastic. I stayed with

Francine for the morning and when she was done it was amazing ....see my new photo


This was the photo we sent to Francine....hope she liked it.

Sooooo looking forward to Dorset...only a few more days. We have checked out the pages for Dog friendly pubs...looks good .....we will let you know when we get back.

March 2010

Well... we are back from our jollies in was brilliant. We stayed on a farm near Dorchester...Doles Ash Farm.. very dog friendly and so many rabbits to chase...boy can they run in Dorset. Beaches were great too. best beaches were Burton Bradstock through to West Bay....long sandy stretch with a walk back along the cliff. It was great at Preston beach , near Weymouth and the sand is finer ....but its super at the Town beach at Weymouth and the seaweed tastes better there as well, we walked for miles.Dad says we have to wait till after summer's gone as these beaches are not open to dogs in the summer.....what a shame. Town to cross off your wish list is Lyme Regis. Lovely place  but totaly non dog friendly..that's a shame as well. You will be fined if you're not on a lead on the promenade in front of the beach. Thankyou to the elderly local lady who came over to tell us.

April 2010

Nice time....plenty of garden time and dad even B.B.Qed a few times in the evening...mmmmmm steak.Not sure why he planted those beans out the other day, when I dug them up again they looked just the same.

Dad's been busy in the garage now for a while which means its time for the old car to go back on the road after the winter.It's an old Fiat 500 and I can go in the front's great. Lots of banging and swearing and finally it was ready to go.150 old cars  delivered some Stilton cheese from Quenby Hall in Leicestershire to Stilton village in Cambridgeshire. It took all day....well we went by loads of pubs...and boy did the cheese smell when we got there .

Hi to Zeus ...a new friend.....Dad say's if you enjoy my news , let him knowand if you know of any friendly summer beaches let us all know


Beth's Friends

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Things I love: Food and long walks

Things I hate: Hoovers and ladders and Lyme Regis

My favourite walks: Locally the nature reserve walk at Croft Hill in Leicestershire,but looking forward to the beach soon.

My favourite saying: Where's Beth's lead

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 10/08/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Beths dad
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