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Lisa with Hunni,

She's a small package with a large life.!!


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Things I love: i LOVE.... chicken especially when i get it myself from the kitchen, My family, their all really nice and seem to like rubbing my belly, even tho it makes me feel a bit sick i just let them do it anyway, it makes them smile. I do love Toby and Roxy, but they seem like there talking about me sometimes, because they lay up on the table sides and just look down at me all the time, but they do chuck me the odd bit of food over sometimes, which is nice.!!

Things I hate: I hate......holding my wee, sharing my food with Toby, Fudge eating my toys, and when the family go out and tell me there's no more room in the car, i don't understand that really, cos I'm always in the boot on my own, maybe one of the children lay on my bed in the car??!!

My favourite walks: Hunni loves every walk, my favourite place to walk with her is around the lakes near home. My happiest walks are with Fudge my best friend, he's great fun, he is also older then me and has shown me lots of new stuff, like how to stay near my owner when I'm off my lead, before i used to run and run and run, and when i would come back to Lisa she would be upset and breathing really fast, i think Lisa likes running too..! but now i look after her when we're out and i keep a close eye on Lisa,

Other pets who share my home: Hunni lives with, Toby a male cat, and Roxy a female cat, all get along really well. And my best mate in the whole world Fudge comes round my house lots to see me.

My favourite saying: " I'll get it " " i wasn't me" " it REALLY wasn't me" " Toby did it " and " i thought it was mine "....!!!

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Lisa
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