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 Hi my name is Baxter and im 5 years old. I have been a sickly little lad really from when my Mums came and picked me up when I was 12 weeks old.  It all started with 'cherry eye' and I had to have operations to sort that out. Then it was discovered that I was allergic to anything airborne, like pollen, dust, house mites and the like. I am now permanently on steroids and on a very strict diet apart from when I go to Brodie's house or if I can hoover up the bits in anyones kitchen. I have a little sister called Molly, she was adopted when she was 2 and she had been ill treated - beaten with a spatula and never taken out on walks. She gets on my nerves a bit - always wanting to play with soft toys - she doesnt know I'm a ball kind of a boy!!  But if I'm really quick I can nick her food because it takes her so long to get round to eating anything.  My Mums say I'm the bestest and most handsome boy in the whole world.  I know this to be a fact - just look at my pictures. 'A camera never lies' - or so I'm told. 


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Things I love: FOOD,FOOD,FOOD & FOOD Playing with my ball. Cuddling up with my mums. Molly my little sister but only sometimes. Going visiting my friends.Going to visit my friend Brodie because he has lots of chews and biscuits. Wresting with my mum. Sleeping on my mums bed when i can get away with it. Going out in the car. Rolling in the grass. Barking. Eating cows poo. Oh and FOOD.

Things I hate: Going to the vets. Going to the groomers. Other dogs on the tv. The postman. The dustman. Anyone that just happens to walk past my window

My favourite walks: Going through Slindon woods in sussex. Going to the beach. Bignor sussex. Cockington forge Devon

Other pets who share my home: Molly she is a shih tzu

My favourite saying: Dinners coming. Im handsome. Walkies

Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 10/10/2004
Country: United Kingdom
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