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Colin, Helen.....and Monty


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Things I love: Sitting on a warm lap, a game with my tuggy rope and a good run in the park with any other dog that happens by! Weekly dog training, I get to meet my friends and even learn something sometimes! Oh, and dinner!

Things I hate: Being told off, having to spend too much time on my own - about 10 minutes is enough!

My favourite walks: My local park (perfect for exercise, away from any roads - I'm a very lively pup and the woody bit is always very interesting)

Other pets who share my home: Jumble, an elderly but sweet natured tabby cat - she's very much in charge and I've learnt to give her plenty of room!

My favourite saying: Two: "Monty's dinner" and "Where are the bones?"

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 12/06/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Colin W
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