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Alfie had a bad start in life.  He was one of 96 dogs kept in a house, having to fight for his food and receiving no socialisation at all in the normal sense.  When we adopted him he spent the first three weeks hiding behind the sofa.  We would spend everyday coaxing him out and would manage to get him to come out for a little while in the evenings, before starting the whole routine again the next day.  He is not food orientated so that didn't help and we felt we had a real uphill task.


You wouldn't believe he is the same dog now although he still has issues.  If you call him for a cuddle he slopes across the floor to you as if you are going to beat him.  He makes us laugh, coz just a slightly raised voice is all he needs to know he has done wrong and he rarely gets that, but I guess it is just his way.  He really is a cutie and we spoil him rotten.   He loves what we call his bonding sessions with my partner.  Rog howls and Alfie joins in.  He puts his chin right up and goes into overdrive.  He asks Rog when he wants to have a howl by bouncing on him and wagging his tail frantically.  At the end he is so pleased with himself.  I dread to think what our neighbours think is going on, coz they both sound in agony!



Alfie's Friends

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Things I love: Curling up on laps. Running, running and more running. Going out in the car. Walks on the beach.

Things I hate: Baths. Being told off.

My favourite walks: Any time, any place, anywhere!

Other pets who share my home: Three Guinea Pigs, LB, JayCee and aRTie

My favourite saying: Nin nins (coz that means its dinner time!

Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 14/02/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Alfie's mum
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