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I am now 11 years old and still active although I do like my snooze my mummy tells me that I would sleep through a tornado if I had too ( humans how they dream )

I moved house last year and now have a lovely big garden run around in .

I love my new house its the best !!!  .............. I have had tea which was pal and contained chicken and beef in jelly this is my fav

havnt done much today as mummy and daddy have been busy and its not been to good hasnt the wheather so would have been reluctant to go walkies to day so just to a stroll in the garden seeing what I  could seek my mate muffy came with me and sox just looked on ,

hoping to have a better day tomorrow and way must dash some one has just mentioned bed time ha ha but them again I will be up with the lark night all !!!!!   hannah



8.5.2010     12.17


Well good mornign all or should that be afternoon I had a good snooze and even had a sleep in I did wake daddy this morning at 4.00 to go wee wee he was not impressed   but he gave he cuddles once I had been pee pee and even gave be a doggie bickies   

we went back to bed mummy was snoring  she didnt even no that daddy had been up to let me in the garden

well just had brekkie and now I think I will go out side for a run on the nice big lawn we have daddy looks as if he is going to cut the hedges today  its a little windy but not much I dont like walking when its windy well I rthink I will watch a bit of tv as I no the british touring cars is on today and i like to watch that while I lay on the sofa its a dogs life

muffy and sox was jumping all over mummy and daddy to this morning  but mummy just put the covers over her head  

mummy is doing house work and daddy the hedges the sun is now trying to come out  so I no it will be walkies  all have a nice day check u soon  Hannah

Did I tell you all about stacey she is my little owner we all live together  though she is nearly 17 I no her as little stacey she lives in our house too stacey gives me loads of cuddles and kisses and even sneaks me a tit bit  .


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Things I love: I love to bark at the postman can smell them coming before we can even see them , I love chewy sticks and anything that smells good, love to sleep on my mummy and daddys bed I love to snore and like to keep the rest of the house hold awake as I kip !!!! Love to ride in my mummy car its the best !!! I hate sharing the sofa as I like to spread out after a hard day doing nowt !!!!!! I like the nurses at my mr vets better they give cuddles love grapes and pears bananas and oranges and the odd

Things I hate: I hate to be wet so the bath days are a nightmare for me but I soon pay them back ( woof woof woof ) I dont mind to much going to see the mr vet I like the nurses better they give cuddles !!! I do not like to be woken once i am sleep and hate sharing the sofa as I like to spread out and relax I hate strawberries and prawn cocktail crisps ( simply gharstly )

My favourite walks: round the area I live with my daddy hes the best at this !!!!!!!!!!! and we go to the local big park and walk round the big lake is cool I think thats the word they use these days lol

Other pets who share my home: we have a number of pets whom I share my dwellings with there is sox she is a very placid and very quiet cat we dont get on awefully but the word is tolerate she is tortoise shell in colour and loves to be with my mummy all the time getting big cuddles and things i no she gets the odd tit bit sneaked to her but I dont let one Then there is muffy she is a skatty cat and sleeps with me always and gives cuddles I think she does it to keep her warm myself but we are great buds !!!

My favourite saying: ERRMMMM ............... dont wake me as you wont like me if you do !!!!!

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: MAZ, brian and stacey
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