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Dayna - the American Cocker Spaniel

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August 2010


Mummy and Daddy help to organise a Charity Dog Show, it is to raise funds for our friends' local Church.  I went with them and I went into the showring with Liam who is the nephew of mummys friend Kath.  We were in the childrens handling class. We came fourth and it was nice for me to be back in the showring as I have been retired for a while.  I really enjoyed myself as all my favourite people were there, Uncle Mick was judging and Grandad and Grandma came to watch.  We all had a lovely day and raised lots of money for the Church.  When we came home, we were all really tired and I took myself to bed after my tea-time!


15th August

I am really pleased that my grandson George qualified for next years Crufts today.  Cherry-pie qualified again and mummy was pleased.  Daddy said that lots of people commented on George's colour because he is such a dark sable.  We think he is gorgeous hence his name Yankeetank Gorgeous George!

George has had all his eye tests done now, so mummy said he can be put to stud soon.  We will be selective of his "girlfriends" due to colour.

I wasnt very happy because they went to the Dog Show without me and it was a long day, Uncle Mick and Aunty Carol came over a couple of times to check we were ok.  Mummy had to buy me a new toy on Monday to cheer me up, I am "speaking" to them again now!


September 2010

It has been a worrying time.  Firstly mummy found a lump on Roxy's side (my daughter).  She had to have a biopsy at the Vets - luckily it turned out to be just a lipoma, nothing to worry about.

Then Jamie (my nephew), has had to have one of his eyes removed, he went completely blind and it was looking quite nasty.  At the same time, mummy found a small growth in his neck, so that was removed at the same time.  He looked awful when he came back from the Vets but has made a full recovery and is now bouncing around like a young dog again (he's 8).  I have sat and "washed" them both I am sure it made them feel better!


19th October 2010

Today is my grandchildren's birthday.  George and Cherry are 2 today. (As are their 3 sisters and 1 brother).  Mummy has made a cake so we will be having a piece after tea.  I am very proud of them and love them so much. 



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Things I love: I love soft toys, especially if they can talk or sing. My favourite foods are pilchards, chicken and warm cooked liver. I love ice-cream and small bone biscuits. I love my bed, I have a mattress, duvet and a thick fluffy vet-bed to sleep on. My favourite collars are diamante, the more bling the better! I have some very pretty sparkly snoods which I wear to eat my tea, so my long ears don't go in my dinner. I like watching the Lion Man on TV with mummy and daddy.

Things I hate: I dont like cold lamb. I hate the rain and being wet, and dirty, I have a bath every week. I don't like Chows, when I used to go to Show training club there were some Chows there and they were noisy, I didnt like them at all, I used to bark at them to stay away from us. I am not keen on the car, mummy and I had a nasty car accident 6 years ago, and I am always a bit frightened it will happen again.

My favourite walks: I love to walk anywhere, as long as it is not too tiring or not too hilly, I get tired now as I am getting older, and I have recently been very poorly, so we take things steady.

Other pets who share my home: My daughter Roxy, Nephew Jamie, Grand-children George and Cherry, Friends Faith and Kristopher who I am Step-mum to, they were hand-reared because they nearly died as puppies.

My favourite saying: Its bed time!

Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)
Type: Show Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 14/03/2001
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Amerikaz
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