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Dooley the Cockapoo


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Hi my name is Dooley, I'm a cockapoo my mum was a cocker spaniel and my dad was a poodle I was born in Lostwithiel Cornwall.


I am now very happy in my new home in Kent with my new mum and dad Carole and Del they came and collected me from Pam when I was 8 week old.


It was a lovely sunny day and we set off from Cornwall at about 9 oclock a.m. at first I was in my travel crate, (yer right) I knew with a little wimper I would soon be in my new mums arms and sitting on a very comfy lap.


to be contiuned......


Today is my first walk in public 22 may 2010 mmmmmmmmm all them new smells


Well what a day....... It was no walk it the park. first me. mum and dad got in the car after we had all put our seat belts on we set off to Keston common, and its off into the woods wow all them new smells and sounds and things everywhere to put into my mouth oh what fun....... then something moved..... what is it.... oh it just a squirrel, onwards oh now what! dad wants to take more photo's of me (what's he like?) OK photo's of me and mum, of me, now of me looking through a tree, and me and dad sitting on a log.......phew thats over with. now back to the run and searching, after running aroud mums legs and tieing her up with me lead,..............what's that over there? it something like me it has four legs and a tail oooowww it and dog it coming over after much smelling and sniffing its Tommy the terrier...... OK he interesting but not much fun as he's 6 and not muck for playing...... see yer Tommy I spy and very big puddle......... nope its a lake with ducks, swans and oh what's that? it really big fishs oh well moving on opps hang on this water taste OK after more run through some mud I meet a big lab ooowww he's a giant still no problem. oh getting a bit sleep now back to the car........... mmmmm nice cool drink and a sleep zzzzzzzzz




Oh what's this I wake to find we have stopped in a small town dad tells me its Westerham OK lets go for it...... wow people everwhere........... hang on a minute what's going on here?? no one is making a fuss of me?? I aways get fuss went I meet people................oh well its their loss... moving on mmmm lot of more smells here and noise. its everywhere. hey what's this down here ............its a village fair how cool..... let have a look. mmm yep not bad....... I need a sit down and so does mum and dad hey theres a cafe I can sit under the table in the shade oooooooo thats nice. and I get a sip of dads tea hehe.


On our way home now and its fun in the garden where I get some ice cubes and well earned sleep.


what a purfect day.

Things I love: My toys, food, playing with stones, running around like a loon, cuddles, sharing a cup of tea in the morning with my dad (Del) and licking my mum's (Carole) yoghurt pot when dad's not here, mmmm Toffee flavour hehe ggggrrrraet.

Things I hate: The NO word, and a empty food bowl.

Other pets who share my home: My friends the fish

My favourite saying: Breakfast, Dinner and Tea (well I am a growing pup)

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 10/02/2010
Country: United Kingdom
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