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Daisy's Adventures


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A big woof to all my friends




Where have I been today ?


5th June 2010 - To the end of the road and back - yep I am allowed out now !!! 


12th June 2010  Had a busy week checking out my neighbourhood. Don't like the cows though. been to a posh house - 

Gardens are really dog friendly, lots of smells but I had to avoid the duck pond.

Lost another one of my milk teeth did not know that dogs have tooth fairies but I found kibble under my pillow. 


26th June 2010 - Well the adventures I've had in the last two weeks, walks, car journeys, and lots of visits to other dogs in my neighbourhood. Had my puppy check recently at the vets, not too bad and I got a treat. 


4th July 2010 - Really enjoying my walks and decided rain isn't too bad after all. Now allowed to have a run about off the lead but I have to remember to run to mum when she calls but sometimes smells are more interesting to follow.


15th July 2010 -   Dad & Mum had visitors staying so we all went out exploring new places which was great. Two of the places we stopped at even had dedicated dog parks which had various things to try out. Great fun.


31st July 2010 - Iv'e had a busy couple of weeks helping my Dad & Mum in the garden. I'm very good at digging up the old roots. Then I had to have a bath, whats a bit of mud!

I also have started training classes, it's fun. I meet other puppies and get to play after lessons.


15th Sept 2010 - Well it's been such a while since I told you all of my adventures. I have had fun, fun and more fun..... because life as a puppy is one big adventure.

My classes finish soon and I am now much happier meeting new people. Mum & Dad had visitors staying again so new places for me to explore too.


14th Oct 2010 - I've been on my first holiday. Mum & Dad came too, we stayed in a cottage in the wilds of Scotland. It was great - wildlife everywhere and Mum said I was very good not chasing the birds etc. I didn't have time too many interesting smells to sniff.


22nd Oct 2010 - Been on a long walk today, gave Mum a scare because I ran into an area of silt & mud on an edge of a lake. Only had a small part of me that was not black and smelly after. Time for another bath!!!


25th Nov 2010 - Woke this morning and every where outside was covered in cold white stuff. Went for walk, well more like tunnelling. It was a bit cold for my tummy being low to the ground but I still enjoyed playing in it.


24th Dec 2010 - Mum has told me it's Christmas tomorrow and if I have been good, Santa paws will visit. Well whoever that is I hope it means I get a treat - yum!


8th Jan 2011 - More white cold stuff about outside, it makes finding new smells difficult too

12th Feb 2011 - My Birthday...... Lots of cuddles, presents and CAKE!  I rather like my special day.


8th April 2011 - I've been on holiday in Yorkshire. Hey did I have great fun. Unfortunately I also had a brush with a prickly bush which made my nose all swollen and very icthy. 

I visited some interesting places which were dog friendly too


8th May 2011 - Okay where do I begin... the weather has been soooo good which meant long walks without a wet cold tummy at the end.

My dad is exploring woodlands with me to see which are the most dog friendly, I've checked out nine different woodlands recently. Great fun, new areas to snuffle through, streams to paddle in etc. Really some where quite a dogs heaven.  Had a little mishap when I slipped on some stepping stones and plunged head first into a boggy swamp, not only was I a mud monster but also very smelly.

Oh! there's dad calling me for another adventure - woof for now!


5th June 2011 - Went to the beach, had a great time playing with other dogs I met there. Not keen to go further into the sea, just a quick paddle is fine.Seaweed tastes funny..  glad mum had my one of my favourite food at our picnic - sausages YUM!


10th July 2011 - Yippee!!! we have visitors staying. More people to give me attention and walks....I'm becoming quite the local guide to visitors, showing them all my favourite places to walk.


18th Sept 2011 - Okay it's been a little while before I updated you all on my adventures. Well I've been exploring woods, fields, and beaches and generally having so much fun...

Also great news I went to a dog show and won three rosettes - yep three. I got a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the classes. woof! woof! Mum said I was a real star and behaved well. I was a little nervous when the judge came to me but showed myself off well during the little walk about I had to do. Until another day it's a woof! from me...



Yes my updates went by the way side but I had just endless days of walks and fun I did not want to bore you. 

I'm still a happy woofy dog except around new people. It's just one of those things I can not get over - new people are scary!!!!

Well hopefully I will get my mum to get back to telling you my adventures in the New Year.

Woof! Woof!


Check out my next page as my adventures continue.











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Things I love: Lots - squeaky bone, Ice cubes, bananas, cuddles, playtime, walks where I can be let off the lead to run and sniff to my hearts content.

My favourite walks: Den Woods, Dog play park at Haddo House Gardens, Arden Country Park

Other pets who share my home: None but lots of friends close by.

My favourite saying: Hello, dinner time, cuddle time, playtime, where's squeaky?

Breed: Basset Hound
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 12/02/2010
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: nickg
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