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Eddie The Beagle


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This is Tigger, I love Tigger, I love to get real close to him and sniff him - he smells great. Tigger doesn't like me :(

I'm a handsome dude!


Here I am in the car. So much to see, so much to bark at!


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Things I love: Food, going to the park to see my friends, burying stuff in the garden, digging it up and 'burying' it in the house, the next door neighbour who gives me ginger nuts, chasing squirrels or any other dog, cat, bird, person, bike that can move fast, being 'vocal' as my owner calls it! Stealing random stuff and generally being the centre of attention.

Things I hate: Having a shower, wearing my harness (it makes me so sad that I can't lift my head). That awful santa suit I had to wear at Christmas. The postman.Being on my own.

My favourite walks: ANYWHERE!!! Particluarly like the local golf course and Tandle Hills Country Park. Basically anywhere I can meet new friends, especially good if I get let off the lead.

Other pets who share my home: Tigger, an overweight very grubby tabby cat. Maisie the hamster (I'd llike to get to know her better but she lives upstairs)

My favourite saying: It wasn't me!

Breed: Beagle
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17/08/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Ed's despairing owner
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