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Fletcher the Chinese Crested


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When I was 12 weeks old my mum came and got me and we went for a really long drive, I was a little bit scared but soon realised I had definitely landed on my feet and could charm anything I wanted out of her! She was pretty easy!


A few months later apparently I needed a friend as I couldnt spend 24 hours sitting on my mums lap and that is when Bear Bear arrived. He was great and I showed him exaclty who was boss, I ordered him around a lot and made sure he didnt play with any of my toys - hes bigger than me now :-(


We are now the best of firends and spend all day playing with each other. He likes to pull my tail when we are chasing each other so I have to sit on him to make him stop!




Fletcher's Friends

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Things I love: Eating, playing with my rope-rope, sneaking under the cover when my mum is trying to sleep, playing with my brother Bear Bear, running around the fields and woods, chasing my other brother milo (the cat), ignoring my mum when shes telling me to do something, make the ambulance noise when one goes passed my house, howling and barking at the neighbours

Things I hate: Having my harness on before we go for walks, having a bath, men especially ones that speak to my mum

My favourite walks: I really like the woods, but sometimes my mum takes me to the beach and a really big field where I get to play with lots of other dogs and that is my favourite!

Other pets who share my home: My brother Bear Bear, hes a bit mental but he plays with me and licks my face a lot

My favourite saying: you threw it fetch it yourself!

Breed: Chinese Crested
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 01/02/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Fletcher the Chinese Crested
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