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Things I love: Munchie rolls, toast and porridge Sleeping on the bed Being brushed

Things I hate: I detest having my nails clipped. The vets isn't much fun either..makes me tremble all over and look forlorn. Thunder and lightening makes me want to bark with a higher pitch than my normal manly bark for some reason.The same goes for fireworks.

My favourite walks: mmm..I'm not much of a walker, more of a stop and sniff but l abslolutely love the beach when I go on my hols to cornwall. I love paddling and rock pooling too. At home I consider it important to choose the walk I go on as it may interfere with my daily snoozes!

My favourite saying: Just need to snooze for a bit longer!

Breed: West Highland
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 31/03/1999
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Foxy
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