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The Life and Times of Monty Dog


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Things I love: I love sleeping, chewing, sleeping and sleeping!! I really enjoy having my hind quarters scratched and my belly too. Mr favourite treat is having a good old chew on a pigs ear while watching Corrie.

Things I hate: long walks, rain and wasps - they're not good to chew!!

My favourite walks: I go to work every day with my Dad and get lots of fuss at the office. Im allowed to roam around the yard all day and adventure. Ive been to the beach once already and had a lovely walk in the sand, the rock pools were great to paddle in.

Other pets who share my home: 3 Chickens who love to play chase.....honest! And a fish called Old Man Smithers (he doesnt talk much)

My favourite saying: ZZzzzzzzzzz

Breed: Bulldog
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17/10/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Chris and Cass
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