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My Girls

Rosie and Tess


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Things I love: Rosie - I love my sister Tess, carrots, playing, walkies, bouncing and dancing. I love my dog walker Shirley. I love children and I love my toys. Football has to be the best. Tess - I love love love everyone!! I also love other dogs but they don't always understand me.

Things I hate: Rosie - I don't hate anything cos I'm really very sweet but I am a little bit afraid of people until I get to know them. Noises and things I don't know can frighten me too. I am ok with fireworks as long as I am in the house and on mums lap. Tess - ditto except I'm not afraid of anything!

My favourite walks: Our favourite walks are with mum and when go down the line and can run free off the lead. We also love to go down the field and chase the toy - Tess almost always gets it as she is really fast and can turn. Rosie has no tail so has difficulty turning when running full pelt - it can be really funny.

Other pets who share my home: Rosie - Tess is my sister. She welcomed me into the house when I arrived. She is a very scruffy Patterdale terrier (see picture above) and though she is the boss sometimes she lets me feel as if I am (but only for a few seconds). Tess - I share my home, my basket and often my food with Rosie! But I love her for it.

My favourite saying: Rosie - Wood woof mostly. :) Tess - Woop woop mostly when I am dreaming :)

Breed: Border Collie
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: dunners
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