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Things I love: first thing in the morning i cant wait for my dad to get home, so i can have my morning biscuits. i love seeing my best mate hunni so we can play fight together. i love getting new toys, but the best ones are the squeaky type but they don't last me five minutes for some reason. when out for a walk in the rain i love to splash around in big puddles. i love barking at all the bird that land in my garden. i love it when snows, i can spend all day outside in it.

Things I hate: i hate being left at home, i don't like having a bath or getting my hair cut. i don't like being sent to bed when I've been a bad boy. i hate having to Wait for dinner time as i love my food. i don't like traveling in cars, i don't like dogs bigger than me as i get scared sometimes.

My favourite walks: i love going for a walk day or night night, but my best walks are when me and hunni are driven to this big lake. were we have freedom to run and run for a few hours and meet new friend.

Other pets who share my home: i live on my own, but see hunni all the time.

My favourite saying: walkies, dinner time, biscuits, cat in the garden, go see hunni, find it.

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 27/07/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: fantastic fudge
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