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I'm a three and a half year old German Shepherd crossed with a Whippet (I think, although I never knew my parents). People always think I'm much younger because I look like a GS puppy with full size ears (Daddy sometimes calls me Radar or Wingnut - He thinks it's funny). Mum & Dad rescued me last November - (I was in a Last Chance Animal Rescue centre). Last Chance do fantastic work and are based in Edenbridge - you can find them here: .


 This is me on the day Mum & dad collected me - you can see I settled in right away!


The family before didn't want me because I can get a bit exciteable - but I'm quickly learning when it's appropriate and when it's not.



I love my new home & Santa was really good to me at Christmas - I got lots of toys & treats 



Iloved the snow but mummy and daddy got worried I was eating too much of it. Haven't they ever heard of Slush Puppies? Lol!





Mum & Dad even got an estate car to give me more room in the back, and a guard to stop me hurtling forwards in an emergency (but I do miss sitting with my paws over the back of the rear seat).


Daddy just took a photo of me asleep....


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Things I love: I absolutely love Mabel the cat (I follow her about all over the place. Mum & dad think I'm obsessed with her!). I also love long walks but I'm not really interested in chasing after frisbies or balls - although dad keeps trying (wonder who'll give up first...). I like making friends with other friendly doggies. I'm going to try camping soon... watch this space... I love cuddles on the bed, but for some reason I keep getting kicked off just before they go to sleep!

Things I hate: I don't like dogs that bark and growl at me, especially when I'm on a lead and they aren't.

My favourite walks: Anything really, whether it's running around the local park with dad, or chasing seagulls on the beach. We have some wonderful woodland and fields near to home, that I can run around in (still can't catch the squirrels or rabbits though, but I'm getting closer!)

Other pets who share my home: Mabel - a lovely black & white 12 year old cat, who I adore

My favourite saying: "Rub my tummy"

Breed: German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 31/05/2007
Country: United Kingdom
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