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 Zak was the 2nd German Shepherd we had owned in our lives, my uncle had two pedigrees that he bred and gave my sister and my brother in law one of the puppies as a wedding gift.


Zak slowly made his way through the family and i became his second mummy... sometimes to my sisters dismay he would treat me like his first mummy over her 


(tormenting the rats as usual)



When Zak was a year old his father was put to sleep as he attacked my uncle and bit his ear off whilst my uncle was asleep.

This was really heartbreaking, Troy was a beautiful animal and we knew he was a little skittish but never did we believe that out of no where he would attack my uncle like that... Troy adored that man!


When Zak reached around 2, he became skittish himself. Throughout all this time he was a fine young beautiful boy, liked playing with other dogs and was rather typical around strangers as in he wouldnt be bothered to get a fuss off them but acknowledged they were there....



Zak's temperament took a turn for the worse... he became unpredictable around strangers and we found ourselves muzzling him when guests arrived. He would soon settle once the introduction was taken seriously and the muzzle would be taken off. But he became unpredictable around other dogs, i found this hard as he was such a loyal obeidiant dog who was so loving and caring. MY sister took him to an ex-army dog handler to train his aggression into a different direction..


Zak did a wonderful job and his aggression became more predictable and easy to manage! We found ourselves relaxing and enjoying walks and he was able to run around with other dogs 



Christmas 2010, Zak attacked my brothers girlfriend he had gone for a fuss and as he did he lunged. After he lunged he sat beside her wagging his tail. He had gone from monster to Zak in 30 seconds...... She went to hospital and had stitches in her arm.


I rang my sister and told her the news, we were all in denial believing that it was our fault and this should have been prevented. My brother in law refused to consider having him put to sleep. So he carried on until February 2011.


My brother in law had taken him out for a walk when he stopped to talk to his friend that Zak knew, after 10 mins Zak lunged at the mans face... being on a lead he was unable to do damage. My brother in law now knew.


I got the news at 12.04am when i was at college, i didnt see my boy before his death. 



LAter i found a 5 generation breeding line from Zak's father Troy..... Troy had been inbred, so had Troy's father and Troy's grandfather. 

Believe what you may about Kennel Club dogs but Troy and my Zak suffered from the same aggresive problems which showed no signs. 

I believe this was because he was inbred. 








March 2011 my sister found the courage to find a new man in her life.. 5 month old German Shepherd Max

He is fantastic, straight away you can see the difference. He isn't scared or nervous. He is a big bag of mischeif.. just how Shepherds should be!



Myself? A little husky found her way into my life.

She's my diamond, she was abused and i think it was Zak's calling to help me show her some love. She's fiesty like he ws ;)


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Breed: German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)
Type: Past friend
Sex: Male
Birthday: 13/04/2007
Country: United Kingdom
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