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I used to be a racing greyhound.  I ran about 33 races and came first in about a third of them but I ended up lame in my last race.   I was taken in by Northwest Greyhound Rescue Society and used to live in their kennels.  I did go and live with some other people for a while but sadly one of them got ill and I had to go back to the kennels.  I used to feel lonely there and if anyone came to see  us I used to be really pleased.   I chose my  new owners in a clever way...when they came to see us all I quietly stuck my nose through the bars and licked the lady's hand so she'd know it was me they'd come for -  and it worked!   I had to have a little 'op' before I could go to live with them and I was amazed to find when I arrived that they had already got one of my 'friends'  at their home!  How they'd picked him I'll never know because he hardly ever came out of his bed to see people.   Anyway there he was - still hiding away most of the time.  Not me though!   I'd already been in a home before so I knew the ropes.  Up the stairs I went - on the bed - had a good sniff round everywhere.   It seemed ok there...but apparently I hadn't got to go on the bed upstairs so it was a good job that there was a comfy place for me to sleep downstairs!  The only drawback was that I had to share it with Bubbles (who was now Barney).  I kept my own name but they kept calling me Tigger for some reason.   I think it has something to do with the way I move...I am very light on my feet and can dance and bounce around beautifully.  I can also 'sing'.   It's a bit unfortunate that things get in the way sometimes - and apparently not everyone wants to dance with me so I've had to learn not to jump up and ask them to dance.   Spoils the fun a bit if you ask me but apart from that it's very nice here.  I get lovely meals and snacks - my own bowl of course although sometimes I just have to have a look at what Barney has had to see if he's left anything.   Usually the answer to that is no.  

I do like a nice walk but not too long or I start to limp a bit.  I'm on tablets for that though - glucosamine and codliver oil.  It also gets me down that we have to wear muzzles when we go out.   It's not our fault that we've been trained to chase other little things that run fast....not as fast as us though!   But our racing days are over and so we're on the lead all the time....still there's always the garden to have a chase around.   Apparently I would be absolutely perfect if I just could cope with other dogs coming up to me.   They shouldn't be coming up to me they should be running away and I should be....oh never mind.   I think I get them mixed up with something else at times.   Good job Barney and I get on so well -  as long as he understands that Iit's supposed to be me first  - me first  - me first!!  Happy days!


Here am I in my photos.  The first one is when I was at the rescue kennels.  It's my 'mug shot' to try to get someone to choose me.  The other one is in the back of the car after a lovely walk.  It was a bit nippy so I had my lovely warm coat on.   Yes my pal Barney had come with us but sometimes a boy just needs to stretch out after a long walk - especially with  my sore shoilder.


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Things I love: Dancing around; eating; singing; snoozing; snacking; chasing up and down the garden.

Things I hate: Wearing my muzzle on walks; being left out of anything; an empty food bowl;

My favourite walks: One that's quiet and not too long.

Other pets who share my home: Barney my greyhound 'brother'.

My favourite saying: Dinner time!

Breed: Greyhound
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 16/04/2006
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: TwoGreys
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