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Growing Up


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My "real" dad has now gone to America to be a top show dog there and I feel very proud of him. I am very lucky to have the same colouring and almost the same markings as my dad.


I've been very lucky to move to such a wonderful loving home. I was only living with mum and dad for a week when they took me on holiday to Cornwall. I had a great time there. I loved the clotted cream ice creams that mum gave me a lick of, but I wasn't very keen on fish.


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Things I love: I love to play with soft toys. I also really like chasing and playing with moths in the garden at night when my mum puts the patio light on, loads of them come around the light ad torment me into chasing them. I also love to sleep and eat! But most of all I love to curl up with my mum and have a cuddle.

Things I hate: I don't like going for walks where there is a lot of noisy traffic. As I am only eight months old I am not fully socialised yet and a lot of noisyt traffic makes me very nervous. I don't really like having my bottom smacked when mum says I'm naughty, but I try to be good, I really do!!

My favourite walks: I prefer to go for walks where it's quiet away from the traffic or especially early mornings or late at night.

Other pets who share my home: I am very lucky because I live with my "real" mum who's name is Goldie. I don't take after my mum very much as she's a completely different colour to me, and also I'm bigger than my mum. So I think I take more after my dad.

My favourite saying: Dinner time!

Breed: Papillon
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 08/10/2010
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: lennonway
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