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 Hi my name is Sali and I'm 9years old.  I live in Bala, North Wales with my family.  


Me playing in the snow!! 

Things I love: I love going for walks with my friends - Mr Fox, Meg and Jac. I also love going out for a drive in the car with Elena and Ceri. Schmakkos are my favourite snacks - yummo! I am also a big fan of cucumber - mmm! My orange American-Football is my favourite toy, but it doesn't squeak any more :(

Things I hate: Grumpy people. Rain, because I don't get to go for walkies. Sleeping on the floor - I am a lady y'know! The sofa will do for me!

My favourite walks: Anywhere near water! Beach, lake, river! And even dirty puddles! Wherever other dogs are around, so I can go and say Hi.

Other pets who share my home: I am an only pet at the moment, but there is room for one more when we find the right one!

My favourite saying: Wooffwoofwoooooofffff!!! (Let's go out!) WWWOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFF! (CAT!!) GRRRRRRRRRRRR (Oi - there's someone by the door!)

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 24/09/2003
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Davies Family
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