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Rufus the Standard Schnauzer

I am going to grow into my big paws and ears


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My name is Rufus and I came to live with my family at the age of 8.5 weeks old. I was one of five puppies in the litter and mum wanted a pepper and salt, boy standard schnauzer. She has posted on standard schnauzer sites to find a breeder and said she was very lucky that someone gave backword when I was two weeks old otherwise she could still be waiting. Other times she says WHAT MADE ME WANT A STANDARD SCHNAUZER PUPPY? Me, I made you want one...


We drove a loooong way from Somerset to Yorkshire and I sat on my mums knee in the back seat of the car. I could tell my brothers didn’t like me even though they sat silently next to us. When we arrived home Max didn’t bother with me much but George was very loud and bossy. I ran behind the water butt in my new garden as soon as we got home.


We’ve spent time getting to know each other over the weeks and Max let’s me cuddle up to him if I’m calm. He has spondylosis and had a big operation last year so mum and dad tell me off if I jump on him. George will play but he’s no match for me because I’ve got loads of energy.


Eight weeks after I moved in with my family we went on holiday to the seaside in Northumberland. I had no idea what they were explaining to me because I was a young puppy and I didn’t know what a holiday or a beach was. Well a beach is BRILLIANT! There’s sand and it’s soft and moves when you run on it. And there’s sea and it moves backwards and forwards. George was really good with me on the beach, he played ball and chased with me. Mum says he’s always loved the beach. Max and George are nearly 14 years old now so mum and dad bought them a buggy so they can go on long walks.


Now I’m more confident and I jump on George to tease him. I wasn’t much bigger than George’s head when I arrived home, now I’m bigger than both of them, I’m 22 weeks old at the moment. I’m going to be a BIG boy.




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Things I love: Mum and dad. My mini schnauzer brothers. Squeaky toys, especially Olly the owl. Playing with my toys and my brothers.

Things I hate: Roads and traffic.

My favourite walks: Parks, fields and especially the beach.

Other pets who share my home: Max and George my mini schnauzer brothers.

My favourite saying: Roooofuus. What big feet you have. What big ears you have.

Breed: Standard Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/01/2019
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Schnauzer
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